Restaurant & Bar

Restaurant & Bar

With many luxurious and cozy spaces suitable for organizing conferences, seminars, customer appreciation parties.... Guests can enjoy together the professional and talented cooking art of the hotel's chef team with delicious, diverse and attractive meals with Asian and European flavors, rich menus at restaurants.


Son Doong Restaurant:

With spacious space with ancient architecture and modern, Son Doong is the main restaurant of the hotel providing breakfast, lunch and dinner for valued guests.

Served time from: 6:00 - 22:00


Banquet Venues:

With a variety of spaces arranged for groups from 15-120 people. We offer a wide selection of cozy and luxurious spaces for you to organize according to your own purposes. With a professional service team will surely make you satisfied with the service of the hotel.


Locations included at:

Paradise Restaurant: Located on the 16th floor with a capacity of 200 guests

Rex VIP room: Located on the 15th floor with a capacity of 20 guests.

Son Doong Restaurant: Located on the 14th floor with a capacity of 160 guests.

Rex Boardroom: Located on the 12th floor with a capacity of 70 guests.

Rex Grand Hall: Located on the 14th floor with a capacity of 120 guests

Bach Dang Restaurant: Located on the 2nd floor with a capacity of 40 guests


  Perfect for birthday parties, reunions, gratitude...

  Enjoying high-class food with friends or family in an attractive space on a weekend evening is nothing…

  The dishes that are crystallized from fresh ingredients have created an exciting start to a perfect…

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